Moon Pie

The futre is here with electrocnic sims

No SIM Needed

The Skyroam unit has a built in Electronic Sim, no more need to change sims out when different plans come along, by the simple push of a button you can be moved over to a desired plan.

Multi Carrier Compatible

The Skyroam unit will work off of ATT or T Mobile. Which ever service is the best is what it will connect to.


This unit is rechargeable and has built in Wi-Fi so you can take it with you on the go.

Afordable plans

With multiple plans available you can choose if you want allot of data, or just a little.

The Skyroam unit is perfect for those who love to travel and are already in a good reception area. These units are not for those in poor coverage. They are great in RVs and trucks or offices. We do not recommend using the Skyroam units for household purposes as they do not have a large enough Wi-Fi output to cover a whole household. 

Choose the perfect plan

Upon checkout you will have the option to purchase a Skyroam unit or use your own. Once you have used all of the data on your plan your service will stop and not come back on until your plan renews.


Per month


Per month


Per month


Per month


Per month


Per month

Frequently asked questions

This device works in smaller areas such as an office, but will not cover an entire home.  

Yes, these devices are great in RVs and Trucks. They are portable and great for traveling.

Yes this device will work in a rural area as long as there is good cell reception. If not good reception then refer to our LTE plans.

The best plan for you depends on how much data you require. On average streaming Netflix will use up to 4gig an hour. Multiply that by how many hours you stream and you have your answer. Searching the web and answering email is very minimal use. 

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