About Us

Bix Wireless was born out of a need for affordable, high speed internet access. 
So many companies today either have small data caps, speed caps, and throttle you after so much usage, or charge above affordability. 
We want to change that, as we think internet is an intricate part of our lives today and everyone needs it. 
We’ve contracted out to supply very fast LTE service on existing cell towers across the nation to nearly everyone.
With our lightning fast speeds, you can stream video, online game, teleconference, or about anything you can think of online. 
We’ve made it affordable, easy to use, and flexible.  Take us with you anywhere in the US.
Our units are indoor, so no need to have ugly dishes or wireless antennas and cables outside the house to deal with.
We are based out of Tennessee, but our entire team works remote around the US, eager to serve you.  
Sign up today and recieve your indoor unit within 2-3 days. 
So what are you waiting for?