Abuse & Use Policy

This plan is designed to provide a robust streaming service that can often handle multiple devices streaming at once.  It is great for small and medium size families.  Speeds up to 100Mbps depending on equipment used and proximity to towers.

-Unlimited Service (reasonable usage)  

-Average Ping (Latency) under 50ms

-Plan is VPN capable

-VOIP supported

-Over 99% uptime

-Good for live streaming when speeds/capacity allows

-Not intended for streaming more than 3 devices simultaneously

-Defined as excessive data usage 

-Not recommended for 4k streaming

-Plan will stream a max resolution of 1080 but resolution will be impacted by final speeds

-Actual speeds will be impacted by your proximity to tower location, obstructions, and area population.

Misuse/Abuse Policy

All of our plans are subject to cancellation for violation of the intended usage policy or the misuse policy of the network carrier.  Service can be cancelled without notice. Violations of misuse policy include but are not limited to, plan sharing or using our plans to provide Internet for multiple residences, use of multiple video gaming systems on a single plan.  Excessive gross data consumption (AT&T), large amounts of data consumption over short periods or exceeding 1 terabyte monthly (T-Mobile),  conducting illegal activities or downloading illegal content.  Gamers that download multiple, huge online games.  Some of these games approach 100Gb in size.  Downloading many of these games in a short period of time puts you into an abuse category by AT&T and T Mobile and  can cause possible suspension of service.


Since we are a reseller of carrier services, policy is set by the carrier, and not by us.  Carriers reserve the right to change plans, and end plans, and offer new plans, at their discretion. Because of such, we have no contract with our customers.    


If your package is stolen or marked as delivered but you did not receive it BIX Wireless will not be responsible. Refunds are not approved for missing packages that are marked as delivered.  


We can also offer packages with multiple sim cards / accounts that cans spread consumption across both accounts for those that need lots of data.