Sept 29 2021

You asked, we delivered! We have a new Fall Special.  When signing up for the fall special you will get the unlimited internet package at $149.99/Mo (normally 179.00), a lifetime membership with TAZ TV, (for as long as you subscribe to BixWireless Internet) and 50% off of your modem purchase. This is the craziest deal we’ve ever offered, get it while it lasts.

March 16 2021. 

We now are offering brand new Netgear Nighthawk MR1100 modems.  These are a great low price of $249 which is less than you can buy them from Bestbuy.  These can only be purchased with any of our 3 ATT monthly services.  These have:

Dual wifi

Ethernet port,

2 External antenna jacks. 

Category 14 modem with 4×4 MIMO technology  

Long life battery so you can be completely portable 

If leaving this at one location, like your home, then remove the battery and leave on the charging cord.  

Feb 9th 2021.  Today we now have ATT service back.  These are unlimited data lines (abuse policy applies).  Remember, they call it unlimited, but not unreasonable.   These lines do cost more than our current 400/500gb plans.  If you’ve been a customer in the past all you have to do is call in and we can reactivate your account, but you will need a new sim card.  We can use a sim if we’ve sent you a spare that has never been activated.  However, we can never use a sim that has been activated in the past, by any provider.  

These lines/sims are in stock and we are shipping out everyday.  

We are still working to get Tmobile going, but not yet.  We’ll make an announcement once it happens. 

UPDATE- We are receiving many phone calls and emails asking when service will be available.

We are currently working on a new contract with both AT&T and T-Mobile. We are estimating it to become available within the next coming month. We still do not have details on data usage or pricing at the moment. Make sure to keep an eye on the packages section of the website for the new plans to become available.