Modem list

This is a current list of “approved” modems for using ATT service.  You can use other modems, however, we cannot guarantee you won’t be de-prioritized or throttled at times.

If you provide your own modem, we MUST have the IMEI number from it upon signup and activation.

Cradlepoint MC400-600M-C
Cradlepoint IBR900-1200M
Cradlepoint AER2200-1200M
Cradlepoint IBR1700-1200M
Cradlepoint MC400-1200M
Cradlepoint IBR600C-150M
Cradlepoint IBR650C-150M
Cradlepoint CBA550-150M
Cradlepoint AER2200-1200M-B
Cradlepoint MC400-1200M-B
Cradlepoint IBR900-1200M-B
Cradlepoint IBR1700-1200M-B
Cradlepoint E300-C4D
Cradlepoint E3000-C18B

Dell Latitude 7220 Rugged Extreme Tablet
Dell Latitude 7220EX Rugged Extreme Tablet

Digi WR54-A246 EM7511
Digi WR54-A146 EM7511
Digi ASB-EX15-XX18-OUS
Digi International TX54-A146
Digi InternationalTX54-A246
Digi InternationalTX64-A141

Netgear MR1100 Nighthawk
Netgear AC797S

Unite Express 2

Pepwave MAX-HD4-LTEA
Pepwave MAX TST Mini
Pepwave MAX-HD2-LTEA

Sierra Wireless MG90 LTE-A Pro
Sierra Wireless MP70 LTE-A Pro
Sierra Wireless RV55 LTE-A Pro NA

Zebra Technologies TC77HL-CA-NFC
Zebra Technologies TC57HO-CA-NFC
Zebra Technologies iX101L3
Zebra Technologies iX125R2
Zebra Technologies RTL10B1
Zebra Technologies ET56DE
Zebra Technologies TC57HO-1X
Zebra Technologies ET56DT
Zebra Technologies EC55AK
Zebra Technologies EC55AK-


Non approved modem list.

The following modems will work, however customers could experience throttling or de-prioritization at times.

Mofi 4500

Netgear LB1120