Directional Antenna


If you live in a rural area or your just needing faster speeds for multiple people to be connected at the same time, our external antenna might be for you. Weather proof and durable, this is the fix for lagging and buffering, if you have low signal. Receives 7-10dbi, where most stock antennas are only 3dbi. (MODEM NOT INCLUDED)


You will mount the new antenna outside, up high. With the antenna outside it has no interference and increases your signal to the nearest cell tower, allowing for optimal streaming and performance. (MODEM NOT INCLUDED)


Your new unit will come with 30ft of cord so you can run it outside. The cord comes with SMA ends which are universal for most modems (Besides Netgear). You will remove your current antennas from your modem and replace them with the new. The unit works best when placed outside, up high. This unit does not come with a mast pipe for mounting  but they can be found online as an external antenna mount. The unit comes with U bolts for mounting to a mast.  MAST NOT INCLUDED (MODEM NOT INCLUDED)



Frequently asked questions

No, but we do recommend getting it as high as possible. 

Most get them from Amazon. You can search 4G antenna mount and you should get many results. 

No. Going over 30ft will actually cause loss and worsen your signal. 

Yes, you would have to call in or confirm via email, and it would cost an additional $70.00 .

Yes, there is a 7 day money back guarantee from the moment the service gets to your doorstep. Unit must be returned in unused, new condition with all hardware. 

Yes, and no. You would have to get TS-9 to SMA adapters (found on amazon). Netgear units have two black tabs that pull out and underneath you will have what is called TS-9 antenna ports, these will have to be adapted to the SMA connectors that are on our directional antenna.  

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